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Welcome to Atlas Ergonomics

When thinking about how the real costs of work-related injuries can affect your company’s bottom line, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to work with Atlas.

Having an effective program in place can pay off. Atlas harmonizes both ergonomics and wellness together – with a simple and economic approach.

Our customized programs deliver key information to you in a revolutionary manner that’s uniquely measurable and individually tailored to your company’s needs – increasing your ability to efficiently provide targeted ergonomics and wellness in your workplace.

Through technology, expertise and careful planning, our combined services go beyond the scope of traditional ergonomics’ solutions monitoring your organization, and providing measurable results.

The Atlas team of nationwide professionals can do more than just solve your ergonomic concerns – we can successfully design, facilitate and implement a comprehensive and personalized program for your company, keeping your employees and bottom line healthy.

Research and white papers

Office Ergonomics

In an intensive five-month study, 90% of workers reported a preference for a completely split keyboard design... more

Transportation Ergonomics Part 2

A two-year study by Atlas Ergonomics showed that systematic physical screenings of truck drivers prior to hiring led to a 7% reduction in lost work days... more

Healthcare Ergonomics

In assessing the risk related to patient handling, knowledge and culture appear to be critical factors for success... more